One Life is Enough

I mentioned in another blog that I read a quote on the back of a van last weekend that gave me fruit for thought. The quote said “Remember you only have one life but if you do it right, one life is enough”.

It made me wonder how much longer I can afford a way of life that I don’t like before I have completely wasted the one life that I got? I don’t like my life. I don’t like myself. I don’t even think that I am really myself most of the time. Definitely not even close to my best possible self.

This is why I decided to try an experiment. With myself as my guineapig. For the reminder of the year I want to try various things, tips and tricks to turn my life inside out. To find myself and live a life that I actually want to live. I am not talking about how to live the perfect life. Anybody who is looking for perfection in life is looking in vain. I don’t need my life to be perfect. I don’t even need to be happy all the time but I need to be okay with myself and my life.

I have 7 months left to try everything from habit stacking to organising, practicing mindfulness and meditation to bullet journaling and keeping a diary, from purging and planning to exercise and a clean diet. I might even consider going to church – who knows (not very likely but I am open to everything). I want to investigate and analyse every aspect of my life and try ways to make more manageable, easier, more interesting or fun. My idea is that I will tackle/try one tip or trick at a time for a week and post about my research and experience. I know that some things need more than a week to be properly implemented but as this is an experiment in which I try out new things not all of them will be something I want to continue and the others I will do for longer and hopefully forever.

I know it cannot continue like this and I also know that I am the only person who can change something about it. I need to take responsibility and control. I want this one life to be enough!

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