MiniMe – Leave out all the Rest

Box on box on carton on a box …

Yesterday I started to translate the plan to simplify my life into action. In keeping both myself and my flat clean, simple and easy I try to come a little closer to understanding myself.

There is a connection between one’s inward and outward actions, appearances and behaviour and the inner world of thoughts and feelings. It is the old two sides of one coin thing: when there is chaos or just too much stuff in your living space, you cannot find the much needed things at the right moment anymore, you become annoyed while searching for them or just forget what you were about to do because you have to tidy up first. There is no room for intuition and spontaneous creativity anymore.

On the other hand, too much nonsense occupying our minds, the babbling of TV shows which make us feel numb and dull, fearful thoughts on preparing for and living in the future hold us back from listening to our inside quiet little true voice.

Step by Step…

So while I am trying to live in harmony and overcome my worries, I try to get rid of all the nasty habits that are fuelled by my subconscious fears. To support this process, I will – a little at a time – give away every object in my flat that is surplus to my true self.

Five Things Every Sunday

I read this really practical tip in Sina Jasur’s little book Minimalist – Mehr Freiheit. Mehr Geld. Mehr Glück. (Minimalist – More freedom. More Money. More Happiness. She got it from a man named Danny Dover, however, I think it is not really important where you get impulses like this one but to realise them immediately if they inspire you. So from now on it will be five things every Sunday.

5 Things this sunday

Photo: This Sunday’s result

Addition: The very first Thing I got rid of:

This advice is one from my own experience: Get rid of your TV! That was one of the best things I did four years ago. I wasn’t the couch-potato-watching-tv-for-hours-type but the „normal“ tv show consumer at the end of each working day.

The result of this easy action is more time, clearer thoughts, more brainpower (I mean it, I’m smarter than before because I can concentrate better) and less uncomfortable feelings about not being a 24h happy human being. TV just supports this notion, creates this fictitious flaw which we transport into our reality.

Things that remain

The beautiful light-rose pacific seashell my grandma used to have on her desk will always have a place on my windowsill.

My beloved favourite books because there is a big difference between profusion and diversity.

Things that remain



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