Im Einklang

[ɪ m ˈaɪ̯nˌklaŋ]

In harmony.

Harmony, accordance. Two or more things/people being in a state that they are not contradictory. Being in harmony with nature, virtues or society.

Matching of two or more voices on the same note.

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This blog is a joint venture of 2 (occassionally more) girls who – like so many people in this day and age – are struggling with the effects of our fast-paced, consumption-oriented, distanced-from-nature, throw-away, unhealthy, capitalist society. Wow that was a long enumeration – but that’s what it is.

We experienced everything from depression, constant pressure, poor health to financial issues but most importantly we realised how unbearable it is not to life in harmony with your morals, beliefs and true nature.

In order to reclaim our true selves (and yes we know that identity is not a fixed entity but forever changing), we decided to write a blog about our journey (individually and collectively). We want to tell you the things we are interested in, how we try to incorporate alternative forms of living into our already established lives and what inspires us to change. Hopefully, we can inspire you to try to change with us.

We don’t have a fixed theme or topic, except that it is all about being in harmony (im Einklang in German – it is simply a prettier word than harmony and sounds very poetic) with yourself. Entries will range from topics like Zero-Waste and Minimalsim to recipes, contraception and children’s books (the succession of words is almost oxymoronic – not intended).

We hope you enjoy and welcome positive feedback.


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Please leave a message and we will try to reply as soon as possible. Thanks.